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Conference program

Program is finalized. Follow this document and get ready for your presentation.
Please upload your conference presentation slides or recorded files/ppts for your conference paper presentation here by November 30, 2022 (before 11:59 pm CST). This is a hard strict deadline.


(Nov 25, 2022): Conference program, zoom links, recorded presentation - coming soon. Check emails sent out by Ayush Goyal, General co-chair.

(Nov 11, 2022): Finalized the proceedings and submitted to CCIS, springer (vol 1704, URL:

(Nov 11, 2022): Program will be scheduled soon - work with Ayush Goyal (general co-chair) and Aaisha Makkar (program co-chair)

(Oct 24, 2022): For source files and consent form related issues, contact Suprim Nakarmi ( ) and Siddhi Kiran Bajracharya ( ).

(Oct 24, 2022): Download the consent form from here: CtP_CCIS_paperID.pdf, fill this, and upload. Upload where you have uploaded your source files (deadline is: 28, 2022).
File name should be
CtP_CCISvol1704_paperID.pdf (e.g., CtP_CCISvol1704_1309.pdf)

(Oct 20, 2022): Upload your source files, URL: (password: check your email! and deadline is: Oct 28, 2022)

(Oct 12, 2022): Conference registration link is provided (check registration page).

(Oct 12 - 18, 2022): Plagiarism check!

(Oct 10, 2022): Upload your paper: (for password, check your email). File name should be paper_id.pdf. Example: 1960.pdf.

(Oct 6, 2022): We plan to publish proceedings (publication before or by the conference event) - your (authors) support is required. Please don't miss any deadline(s).

(Oct 6, 2022): Email regarding conference registration and camera-ready instructions is sent out.

Accepted papers:

2888, 8641, 9405, 570, 9645
7929, 914, 4017, 7692, 2616
660, 7278, 2663, 7606, 3375
2499, 4420, 4779, 9876, 3371
7930, 4244, 2760,2516, 3065
3567, 341, 1960, 2716, 5939
1715, 6029, 5949, 3499, 5179
8359, 1069

Extended submission deadline and review process:

Due to multiple requests, rtip2r 2022 team decided to extend submission deadline, which is Aug 31, 22. However, review process has already been started, decisions will be made on an ongoing basis as soon as we receive sufficient review reports.

Hybrid conference event:

Authors can select an option in presenting their papers and/or attending the conference event on-line (zoom). However, the rtip2r 2022 committee encourages you to attend in-person.

Conference date change

Due to Thanksgiving related issues, rtip2r 2022 team decided to move the conferenece event to December 1-2, 2022 (from November 22-23, 2022).

Call for PC members (on-going)

We need PC members in our rtip2r editions, not just one time but all time. Active professors/research scientists/research scholars (with terminal degree) are encouraged to apply: Click this link and fill the form. Thank you, Steering Committee.

Welcome to the RTIP2R 2022

The 5th International Conference on Recent Trends in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (RTIP2R) aims to attract current and/or advanced research on image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, and machine learning. The RTIP2R will take place at the Texas A&M University - Kingsville, Texas (USA) on November 22 - 23 December 1 - 2, 2022, in collaboration with 2AI: Applied AI Research Lab, Computer Science, University of South Dakota (USA).

The contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution which is not currently under review by another conference or journal and addressing state-of-the-art research are invited to share their work in RTIP2R 2022.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

Signal and image processing
Computer vision & pattern recognition: Object detection and/or recognition (shape, color and texture analysis) and pattern recognition (statistical, structural, and syntactic methods)
Machine learning: Algorithms, clustering and classification, model selection (machine learning), feature engineering, and deep learning
Data analytics: Data mining tools, high-performance computing in big data
Federated Learning: Applications and challenges
Information retrieval: Content-based image retrieval and indexing, and text analytics
Pattern recognition and machine learning for Internet of Things (IoT)
AI and data science for cyber forensics and cyber analytics
Applications (not limited to):

Special issue (parallel submission)

Issue: Recent trends in image processing and pattern recognition.

Participating journals include healthcare (impact factor = 3.6) entropy (impact factor = 2.7), applied sciences (impact factor = 2.8), computers, journal of imaging, big data and cognitive computing, and AI.

Indexing: Scopus, SCIE (Web of Science), MathSciNet, Inspec, PubMed, PMC, DBLP, and other databases

Paper submission

Papers are expected to be within the 8-15 page range. The review process takes into account both the quality in writing and the scientific impact of the work. Authors should clearly identify the problem, their contribution(s), justification with respect to the state-of-the-art works. The program committee would like to review those, who develop, argue, and provide results. We recommend using the LaTeX template for preparing submissions.
Please follow the template for preparing a conference paper CCIS, Springer Nature and Overleaf.

Submissions should be made through the RTIP2R 2022 Easy Chair paper submission web page: